Fresh Kitchen for the New Year

2014 calls for fresh beginnings for your kitchen. That means defeating the clutter and organizing the mess. The key to doing all this is understanding your cabinet options and making sure your cabinets are deep, giving ample room for storage and helpful appliances. Here are some suggestions on where to begin!

Utilize your kitchen island by adding custom open shelving along the two sides facing inside the kitchen. This allows you to store pots, pans, glassware and cookbooks within arms’ reach, while keeping the storage hidden from outside the kitchen.

Ask your contractor about custom cabinet drawers like a pullout pan organizer, angled spice racks, and produce drawers. Produce drawers save crucial counter space. When you do install produce drawers, make sure you use woven baskets to allow the produce to breath.

Add pullout cabinets to your kitchen. This allows for additional storage space, built-in cutting boards, and additional counter space when it’s needed.


A Tech Savvy Home

Home trends are starting to emphasize technology more and more–everything can be automated. Following this trend will not only simplify your life, but will also increase the resale value of your home.

The 2013 Better Homes and Gardens real estate survey found that 77% of Millennials want a home with technology capabilities. While the Millennials are the ones after technology, it is important to remember that in ten years, they will represent 75% of the work force. That’s a lot of buying power!

You can get a jump on technology by contacting your remodeling contractor to discuss the best options for your home and lifestyle. Here are some of the available features:

Smart Thermostat

This feature learns your usage patterns and your weekly schedule. The program will automatically adjust your thermostat accordingly, which can cut down energy usage by about 20%.


This feature is particularly helpful with a family. The program will monitor your home alarm system and your doors. This means you will receive texts if an alarm goes off and also when your kids come home from school.


When purchasing automated systems for your home, ask about their compatibility. Many will integrate with popular applications like ITunes and Windows Media Center to help you create an ambiance throughout your home.



Color of 2014

Contemporary Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets

Designers and homeowners alike wait for Pantone’s Color of the Year to set trends for the upcoming year. This year that color is the Radiant Orchid!

The color is perfect for lighting up a room or for a dramatic statement piece. Try painting an entire built-in bookshelf with the color or simply recover a couch in the color.

Click here for more examples.


Holiday Colors

Contemporary Living Room by Cambridge Architects & Designers LDa Architecture & Interiors

The holidays bring a certain jingle to your home, especially when it comes to striking colors. While silver and gold are usually the colors of the season, this year designers are focusing on something fresh. They are heralding copper as the color of the season!

The color is versatile, maintaining a warm feel that is often lost in the glitz of gold or silver. Copper still brings shine and light, but doesn’t loose its depth.

To incorporate copper, try adding copper plated pieces in your kitchen or use the color to warm up a chilly room. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to see more examples.


Picking Colors for your Home

A key element of your home is your wall color. It can make your home dull or vibrant. When choosing a color, always remember that a color is always more intense on the wall then in the color. Try a shade lighter to make it a perfect match.

To make sure the shade is just right, be sure to paint a healthy sample on your wall, viewing it throughout the day under various lighting. Also, remember that cool colors recede with time and warm colors advance.

When choosing your color to test, ask yourself the following questions:

When do you plan on using this room? If you use your room in the morning, try neutrals and whites. If you use the space during the evening, try something cozy.

Where is your room, and where are the windows? If your windows open to the sun, choose cool colors to soothe the intense rays. If your windows let in a muted light, pick some warm colors to brighten things up.

Why are you painting the room? Think about your plans for the room. Trying to make it bigger? Go for light colors, or widen the room by painting the walls a similar color as the furniture.

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