Picking Colors for your Home

A key element of your home is your wall color. It can make your home dull or vibrant. When choosing a color, always remember that a color is always more intense on the wall then in the color. Try a shade lighter to make it a perfect match.

To make sure the shade is just right, be sure to paint a healthy sample on your wall, viewing it throughout the day under various lighting. Also, remember that cool colors recede with time and warm colors advance.

When choosing your color to test, ask yourself the following questions:

When do you plan on using this room? If you use your room in the morning, try neutrals and whites. If you use the space during the evening, try something cozy.

Where is your room, and where are the windows? If your windows open to the sun, choose cool colors to soothe the intense rays. If your windows let in a muted light, pick some warm colors to brighten things up.

Why are you painting the room? Think about your plans for the room. Trying to make it bigger? Go for light colors, or widen the room by painting the walls a similar color as the furniture.


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