Keys to a Strong Foundation

Texas weather keeps everyone on their toes. Whether it’s the constant switching back and forth from hot to cold or sporadic droughts, Texas weather is unpredictable.

This unpredictable nature can wreck havoc on your foundation, creating air pockets beneath or shifting the soil around. Problems are particularly prevalent during times of drought.

But no matter the season, it’s best to keep an eye on your foundation and walls. Here are the tell tale signs you may have foundation problems.

-Uneven floors that have sunk in or separated from the walls.

-Cracks in inside or outside bricks. The cracks can be in the mortar, the brick, or a cosmetic repair.

-Moldings that have been displaced, cracked, or separated at the corner.

-Split or cracked paneling.

-Cracks that run through or around the floor tiles, hardwood, or any flooring material.

-Doors and windows that don’t close easily, are separated from the frame, or have a horizontal drop across the frame.

-Windows and garage doors that are separated from the wall.

-Brick or paneled facades that have pulled away from the house.



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